Feb. 1st, 2007

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Feb. 1st, 2007 10:23 pm
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Last night, [livejournal.com profile] mocchiherder and I went to dinner at a little greek family restaurant and then went to see Pan's Labyrinth in the theatre.

Had a Gyro Supreme for dinner, which had feta cheese and... something else that you don't normally get on a gyro. It was very good. Filling.

The movie was good. Not quite what I was expecting, but then, I'm not really sure what I was expecting. It was definitely bloodier than I was expecting.

When we went into the theatre, I left my donut cushion in the car, which was pretty dumb. I had to shift around in my seat every so often to keep my tailbone from hurting too much. I thought about going out to get it at one point, but decided it was too much effort. I know, somedays, I think I'm not too bright.

Today at work, I spent most of the day sitting on my cushion. The time I wasn't using the cushion was spent either standing or sitting on one of those gelled alcohol icepacks. That helped the pain a lot. Was kind of uncomfortable, tho. Sitting on the icepack tended to give me a wedgie. A *cold* wedgie. When I mentioned, in passing, to kristen that I was sitting on an icepack, I accidentally said "ice crack." Which then got expanded to "My icepack is giving me iced crack." heh.

I've got customers that are having trouble getting our one unit to dump test data into our software via a serial cable. Our program is recognizing that it's being sent properly formatted data, but for some reason it's thinking that all of the data fields are empty. *boggles* We test this functionality on every unit that goes out the door. And we've tested units against five different computers in house. I can't duplicate the problem. I spent part of today adding copious amounts of debugging output to the program, which will dump into a logfile. I sent it to our customer, and expect to work with her tomorrow to try and figure out what it is about her setup that is screwing the pooch.

Most of the rest of the day was spent answering tech-support emails. not terribly exciting.

We DID finally get our travel itinerary finalized. We fly out at 5:15PM on the 20th on Untied. We have a 1:50 layover in Toronto, and we switch airlines to BMI (Dunno who BMI is, but the info we have says "operated by Air Canada") We land at Heathrow at 8:35AM on the 21st. Our return flight has us taking off from Heathrow at 1PM on the 23rd and landing in Toronto at 4:15PM. We have a 2:45 layover on the return trip - we leave Toronto @7, and land back at DTW at 8:23PM. They decided to go this route because it's a full US$900+ cheaper than flying British Air. Kristen found this deal this afternoon. Since Mike was all set to go with British Air yesterday, it seems reasonable to me that we use some of that money we saved towards a second room.

Then, we ended up having a minor fight about hotel arrangements, which still aren't finalized yet. Mike wanted to get a room with two twin beds so we could share the room and cut hotel costs in half, since there was no difference in price between a single-occupancy and double-occupancy room. Ok, fine, whatever. We found a hotel (Holiday Inn) about a quarter mile away from the company we're meeting. 110 pounds/night (~US$230/night) for a double-twin room. They have internet access available in the rooms, restaurants, and shuttle service to/from all of the airports.

Mike was all set to agree to the room, and then he noticed that Kristen had selected a non-smoking room. He pitched a fit. He's a heavy smoker, and by god, he's going to smoke in his hotel room. He insisted that since he's seen me smoke before, (yeah, all of 4, MAYBE 6, cigarettes in the last 9 months, which not coincidentally, is ALL I've smoked in the last 9 months) I shouldn't care. If we got a non-smoking room, he'd smoke in it anyway. Generally, he's a fairly nice guy, but sometimes he's a real prick. Nothing I said got through to him that I was not going to have smoking in my hotel room. What finally got through to him that maybe we should have separate hotel rooms was that I told him that I snore. Loudly. I played it up and overexaggerated.

I don't mind the idea of sharing a room with a coworker. Yeah, it'd be mildly annoying to not have the privacy, but as long as the company is paying the bill, whatever. But I sure as hell am not going to have smoking in my bedroom. The sleeping arrangements are going to work one of three ways:

  1. Mike agrees to only smoke outside, or in designated smoking areas and we share a non-smoking room.
  2. We get two separate rooms - him in a smoking room, and me in a non-smoking room
  3. Or I refuse to go. And since the company already spent $1400 for the plane tickets (half of which was taxes) I don't see this last option really being viable.

My boss didn't come in to work today, or I would have explained things to him in no uncertain terms, and let him sort it out with Mike. Rudy had a good excuse to stay home, however. His wife just recently had a hip replaced, and he stayed home to help her with stuff. I think she might have had a doctor appointment today.


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