Feb. 19th, 2007

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I may have to adjust my alarm clock.

I got up this morning after hitting the snooze once. (As is typical, I have no memory of hitting the snooze.) Got dressed, shaved, went downstairs. Fed the cats canned and dry food, gave them water, emptied half of the dishwasher, realized what time it was.

Put my shoes on. Realized what time it was.

Finished tying my shoes ~1 minute before the bus was supposed to get to my stop.

Threw my coat on, grabbed my laptop bag, and ran out the door. (after turning the light off and locking the door, since Janet and Kevin were still in bed.) Neglected to pack a lunch.

Ran to the bus stop. I'm half a block away when I see an ambulance go past with lights and siren on. I get to the corner, and there's the bus, already approaching the stop on the other side of the street.

Luckily, Jeff (the regular morning driver) saw me get to the corner, and turned his hazard lights on (as the bus drivers are required to do) to tell everyone else that he was stopping. By the time he came to a complete stop, I was halfway across the road. Had to wait in the turn lane for a few cars that decided they didn't want to wait for a bus to pick somebody up before I finished crossing the street and got on the bus.

If it hadn't been for that ambulance, I *definitely* would have missed the bus this morning.
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I was informed on Friday that one of the companies we're courting to distribute our products wants to meet with someone March 13th at their headquarters in San Jose, Calif., before they'll make any commitments. We have absolutely no idea what sorts of discussion they're going to want to have, so we don't know who we *need* to send. Right now, we're forced to assume that they're going to want to talk about sales and deal related issues (which means Mike needs to go) AND technical issues, and possibly a training session for their reps. (which means I have to go)

We're trying to get confirmation from them on exactly what they want, so it's possible that I won't end up going... But then, manned space flight is possible.

Oh, and to make it more interesting, we're expecting to hear from the Brits at the beginning of March. And if they tell us that they want us to come out, and the date they want to talk to us (and the necessary travel time) conflicts with their meeting, the people in Calif. have already been informed that the Brits have priority.


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