Mar. 19th, 2007

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  • The Optimus Maximus is a 114-key USB keyboard which also requires an external power supply. Why? Because every key contains a 32x32 pixel color OLED display. This allows you to change the labels on the keys anytime you want.

    Need help remembering that in Microsoft's Visual Stuido F5 starts the debugger, or that control-shift-R starts recording a macro? You can configure the keyboard so that F5 always displays "Debug" and the R key switches to a symbol meaning "record macro" when you hold down the control and shift keys.

    Or, when you're typing a business letter in Esperanto, and have the keys remapped to give you easy access to the international characters, you can change the labels to remind you where those new characters are hiding.

    Really cool, but I don't have needs to justify the $1500 (pre-release) price tag. They will make it available with only a few of the display keys and the rest normal plastic keys for considerably less, but it'll still cost ~$500.

  • Here is a project at NYU that is developing a touchscreen display that tracks multiple points of contact at the same time. The project page has a demo movie that's really cool to watch. The movie has an audio track, but it's just music. I kinda liked it, but the music really doesn't add anything to the video.

[EDIT:] Cleaned up a little, and noted that $1500 is the pre-release price.
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Why must the TV continue to taunt me with commercials for Sonic Drive-in Restaurants?

There are no Sonics in Michigan


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