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I got off the bus this evening, and some woman got on. I start walking towards home, and I notice something black on the ground just a few feet away. I take a step toward it, and I instantly recognize it as a cellphone. Whether the woman who got on the bus didn't notice it, or if she decided to leave it there either out of apathy, or hoping the owner would come back before someone else random walked off with it, I don't know.

I picked it up, headed home, and started scrolling through the contact list looking for likely numbers to call to track down the owner. While I was doing that, someone called the phone. Happened to be a friend of its owner, who was with the owner, and they were looking for the phone.... And they had backtracked to the bus stop where I found the phone. So, I went back and gave the guy his phone back. He was extremely relieved. It was an expensive phone. He shook my hand, thanked me profusely, and got out his wallet and asked if I wanted anything for returning his phone. I told him it wasn't necessary. Figured the karma boost would do me good.

The not-good is that the outer pane of glass in the tall window right next to our front door has shattered. Almost all of the glass is still in the window (just a single shard fell out) but there isn't a single piece of glass from that pane that is bigger than a quarter of a square inch. When standing inside, it looks like all of the cracks radiate out from a point that's about shoulder-height... puts it just under eye level standing outside. (for me) Could be something hit the window. Or it could just be built-up stresses from settling and from people slamming the door shut over time. So, that's yet another thing that we have to pay for.

Date: 2007-08-02 12:38 pm (UTC)
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YAY Karma! I love stories like this. I wouldn't have taken anything either. That's why I like you, you are a good soul. Sorry about the window. Home owning sometimes really sucks.


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