Feb. 16th, 2007

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I am hereby annoyed by splines.

I have a rastered version of our company logo that was converted to a vectored image with a program that builds a spline curve on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Unfortunately, as I blew the vectored image up, I saw that there were lots of jaggies, probably as a result of the spline-fitting program following one specific color intensity in the image.

I spent the majority of this morning cleaning up the vectored image.

A couple things I learned about splines today:
1. They don't like to follow straight lines, they want to be all curvey and flowing and crap. But by adding a sufficiently large number of points to your spline, you can beat them into submission.

2. Any place where you have a nice, straight line meeting up with a curve, or worse, two straight lines meeting at 90 degrees, Odd Things(TM) happen. You end up with spikes and blobs poking where you don't want them to poke. The solution: Add more points. Beat the thing with points until it cries for mercy and beat it some more.

When you think you've got enough points on your spline, print it. Print it so the image takes up the entire page. You'll see that there are still spikes poking out of corners that don't display on your screen, ven when you zoom in on the image as far as it will let you. Your spline will continue to mock you in this manner for as long as it thinks it can get away with. It will laugh at you, hoping you'll give up in frustration. But you must persevere! Pummel the thing with points. You are the smart one! You will reign supreme!


Feb. 16th, 2007 01:11 pm
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I've been feeling kinda off lately.

Tired easily, cranky, hard to stay focused.

It occurred to me lastnight that I'd been neglecting my multivite. Also, I'd been neglecting the Essential Fatty Acid supplement I've been taking.

So, I took them lastnight when I was getting ready for bed. Two large pills for the vitamins, and three large gelcaps for the EFA supplement.

So far, today has gone much better. We shall see when I start to run out of juice.


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