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I was slower than expected getting dressed this morning, so I needed to purchase lunch today. It's good that there are a couple places within walking distance of the office where I can get food for ~$5 and have it last me for two lunches.

I just get back to the office with my lunch and stop on my way back to my desk to ask Josh about the status of a project I gave him. As I'm leaving him to eat, Melissa yells at me that there's someone from a customer of ours on the phone who wants to talk to me.

I've been expecting a call from someone at this particular customer for a week or so, because they want to talk to us about possibly getting some custom software development done. But I'll be damned if I'm going to service a customer on my lunch break, unless it's an emergency... and in our line of business, it takes a lot to constitute an emergency.

So I told her I'm on lunch, and to send him to my voicemail. She says "He's been calling for days and can't get a live person."

Frankly, he hasn't been trying for days, or if he has, he sure as hell hasn't been trying very hard. I mean, how hard is it to, when you realize you're being routed to voicemail, wait for the beep and say "This is soandso from suchandsuch. Please return my call at xxxxxxxxx."

I know for certain that I haven't gotten any voicemails from him.
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