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The announcement's been made in a few different places, but not here. So I'm fixing that.

At just shy of 7AM, on the morning of Thursday, October second, I was hit by a car while attempting to catch a bus on my way to work.

I was running late, so I ran the block from my house to 15-mile, and I saw that the bus was almost to the stop. I waved at the bus driver and he saw me, so he came to a stop to wait for me to be able to get across the street.

I looked to the left, and traffic was clear, so I jogged to the center lane (the left-turn lane) and stopped. I looked to the right. I saw a couple cars stopped behind the bus, waiting, and I saw moving headlights in the distance, but they were far enough away that I figured I should be able to cross the one remaining traffic lane safely. Nothing moving registered as being close enough to be a threat.

That being said, as soon as I took my first step into the traffic lane, I was hit. I distinctly remember the jarring impacts of various bits of my body hitting various bits of the car. I distinctly remember the sudden impact of being knocked to the ground, back in the turn lane, and watching the driver's side mirror (which I had sheared off his car) go bouncing down the turn lane.

I remember thinking "Okay, that kinda sucked. Man that hurt. Let's get up and take stock." And then, "Oh, hey, my leg isn't supposed to bend like that. I guess I'm not going anywhere, after all. I guess I better just lay here until the paramedics arrive." Followed by, "Well, if I'm going to be laying here for a few minutes, I may as well get comfortable and take my backpack off." And While I'm doing that, and setting it in the lane next to me and laying back, "I hope my laptop is okay." Then, "I should call Janet and let her know. Oh, hey. My phone isn't there. It must've gotten ripped away in the accident."

Needless to say, after making sure that someone was calling 911, I asked someone else to call my wife. After the ambulance got there, the EMTs did what they do,and they decided they were taking me to the same hospital our son's at. Which was good, because having to drive between hospitals to visit the two of us would have sucked ass.

Long story shorter, both my right tibia and fibula had multiple fractures, and during moving, one of the bits of bone had poked through the skin. The surgeon who put me back together said my leg was one of the worst he'd ever had to work on, but that he was very happy about how well it went back together now that it's done. I am now guaranteed to set off every metal detector I walk through, as there is now a metal rod in my tibia.

I was only in the hospital for a couple of days, then they kicked me out, and I've been recovering at home. I have also been working on my laptop (yes, it's fine) trying to get stuff done for work and for projects at home. That's been going kind of slowly, though.

I probably should have seen the car, and the driver should have seen me. That neither of us saw each other would suggest that he didn't have his headlights on, (as it was dark enough that the headlights were all I could see of cars in the distance) but I don't know that for sure. The police report says I ran out in front of the car but says that neither party was found to be at fault. No citations were issued to either party.

The accident, itself, was a very interesting and surreal experience, and one I hope to never repeat.
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