Feb. 13th, 2007

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Yesterday morning, I must have hit the snooze twice, and then continued to lay in bed for a few minutes. After getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, shaving three days worth of scruff, and getting dressed, I figured I had *just* enough time to get to the bus. So, I told [livejournal.com profile] kadiera I was taking off (and sticking her with feeding the cats) grabbed a can of Campbell's soup for lunch, tossed my computer in my bag, slid some shoes on, and went out the door. When I got to the bus stop, the bus was already waiting at the light at the end of the block. You know, it's nice when I time things close, so I don't have to stand around waiting so long, but at the same time, knowing that if I'd been 60 seconds later, I'd have missed the bus kinda gets to me. Oh well. If I miss the bus in the morning, I can always drive to work. If I miss in the evening, I have to wait around for an hour until the next one comes... unless I manage to convince my loving and doting wife into detouring to pick me up on her way home. (assuming she left work no more than 20 mins before, and hasn't started driving away from my office yetp)

Lunch wasn't very fulfilling. The soup was "Hearty Vegetable with Pasta". Not enough protein to really stick with me. As I was eating the soup, I looked at the nutrition label. They claim you get two servings per can, (maybe if the soup wasn't the main only course) and that there are 930 mg (37% of the USRDA) of sodium per serving. So that means my lunch contained >70% of the USRDA of sodium. Yummy.

[livejournal.com profile] kadiera and I had been talking off and on about how high our sodium intake is given our reliance on preprocessed foods as staples in our diet. Condiments are bad, too. Look at how small a "serving" of bottled French salad dressing is, and look at how much sodium it contains. We have a recipe for home-made French dressing that is really good, the majority of which is one can of condensed tomato soup, and we've been getting the "reduced sodium" cans. Yeah well.... They're not reduced by much.

Lastnight, after I got home, I helped make dinner, (salads, homemade cheeseburgers, and... ddid we have anything else? I can't remember) we ate, and then we left to go to the SpiralScouts office by way of McDonalds for some carbonated caffeine. While [livejournal.com profile] kadiera busied herself doing random stuff that she had to do while I replaced the batteries in the UPS there and checked it out.

BTw: If you ever need to buy batteries for a UPS, motorcycle, or anything like that, check out Rage Battery The batteries were *extremely* inexpensive, especially compared to what I would have paid if I'd walked into one of the local brick-and-mortar electronics supply stores, or even the battery store. I think I paid ~ 50% (including UPS ground shipping) of what I would have paid locally.

So, once I had convinced myself that the UPS didn't have any problems besides the old batteries shorting out, popping, and spewing battery acid all over the bottom of the UPS enclosure, (thankfully, all of the electronics are in the lid of the box, except for the massive transformer, which is in an isolated compartment, separated from the batteries.) we shut down the computer and I started the process of putting everything (except the printer) back on the UPS.

When that was done, we packed up and left to go home. Once there, I got started shoveling the snow off of the sidewalks and driveway and Janet started spreading salt. No sooner do I have the sidewalk finished, than my cellphone starts ringing to say I have a new message, which I checked as soon as I got back in the house. It was my Google Calendar reminding me that I had bowling scheduled for about 10 minutes from then.

So, I put my shoes back on and left. Group of us all bowled one game. Then, I came home and got ready for bed.


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