Apr. 4th, 2007

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... is officially my new favorite work instruction.

I've had occasion to use it several times in the last couple days while giving coworkers things to do. And in each case, I've pronounced/written/typed it the same way.
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Today's low temp is supposed to be 24 degrees. If I'd heard that before I left home this morning, I would have grabbed my heavy coat instead of just thinking "In this weather, I should be comfortable in my quilted flannel jacket." Oh well. I won't be spending much time in the cold tonight, anyway.

Database server (Running on a Sun 3/80 - a Unix computer that is 18 years old) killed another harddrive. I'm officially out of 520MB SCSI disks that I could put in it and reasonably expect to have it last. All attempts to get it to recognize a drive larger than 520MB and have it be able to detect/read/write the defect list have failed. I guess, when I get the time, I'll see about extracting the backups I have to a directory on my fileserver and see about setting it up to boot across the network. It doesn't look to be too noxious. I want to move the databases off of this ancient machine, but there is contention about what to do with the data when we scrape up the time to do something with it, so I'm stuck resuscitating the box.

Eating salsa while you still have random-mint-flavored gum in your mouth doesn't make for a very tasty experience.

The FDA 510(k) filing that I've been working on, on and off, for the last couple months is finally almost ready. It should be going out via FedEx today. Then we get to play the waiting game. Hopefully, we don't end up spending very much time going back-and-forth before we get it cleared.

I have two different custom firmware versions and two different custom PC applications that I'm being asked to have done by Friday. Grfh. Actually, the one customer is expecting delivery on/by the 11th, so I might have a bit of a window.

This is a video (with commentary) of what you can expect to happen if your laptop battery ever "has a thermal event."

More later, when (if) I get to it.

[EDIT:] Last sentence of second paragraph clarified a bit.


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